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Experience in Being Present, Balance, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, Relaxation, and Love.

Experience in guided imagery, rituals, movement, journaling, laughing, listening, smudging, sharing, meditating, inner child work, and candle gazing.

Experience in Yoga, range of motion stretches, stress reduction techniques, eye, neck, shoulder, upper back, hip and ankle exercises.

Experience in Chanting, Sitting, and Walking Meditation.
Information on Super Food and water.

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Techniques help with self-love, relaxation, forgiveness, energy, and prosperity.

Helps diminish tension, stress and anxiety.

Aligning with God consciousness rather than

fear-based consciousness.

Having resilience.

Releasing anger, hate, shame, guilt, and fear which weakens.

Changing to higher frequencies of love, harmony, kindness, peace, and joy attracts health, energy, and prosperity.

Learning to be in the stillness heals and inspires.

How to end suffering and experience happiness.


Being a participant is transformational as your consciousness is being shifted and aligned.

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Special Events


Corporate Meetings


Holiday Events




Place of Worship


Women's/Men's Groups

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What to bring to all seminars except One Hour:

Two small blankets, pillow and small mirror.




Osha is the complete package, extremely inspiring and nurturing.

I like her uplifting attitude, sense of humor, humility, optimism, and style. Her message of acceptance, ease and self-love come through every time.

I love her clear instruction.



  • One Day Workshop - $90 per person
  • Half-day Events - $50 per person
  • Two Hour Seminar - $25 per person
  • One Hour Keynotes - $15 per person
  • Other options available

Free Gift:  Each enrolled participant (except One Hour Keynote) will receive a free copy of Osha Rays

Stretch Break, A Yoga WorkMate, valued at $10.00.

This book offers a quick, easy guide for relieving stress almost anywhere.  People everywhere wish that they had more time to relax and de-stress. Without needing special clothing, time or money, people can find relief and relaxation in their desk drawer, backpack or handbag. Osha Rays yoga poses and stretches can be done whenever the mood strikes to relieve stress. Its a small book that can be stashed almost anywhere so it can be with you when you need it. It is an informative, easy book that was designed to be a quick fix.

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Yoga DVD

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